CD review: Enter Shikari

When you first put Enter Shikari into your CD player, you have no idea what to expect.
With a “Parental Warning” in the corner, and a ghoulish front cover, if you have heard nothing about this band, you are sure to be in for a surprise. “Take to the Skies” is a 17 track CD, which includes many interludes that just look like blank tracks on the back of the CD case.
Enter Shikari is a underground band from London that most no one has ever heard of. Their album, “Take to the Skies,” was just barely released after forming four years ago in 2003. Enter Shikari, translated into “Enter the Hunter,” is made up of four guys: Rou, Chris, Rory and Rob.
The first sound that hits your ears when pushing the play button is that of a light, trance beat, which picks up for the whole song, one minute long. It is quickly assumed that Enter Shikari is a trance or electronic band with a good sound.
Suddenly, the second track titled “Enter Shikari” plays and the word “SHIT” blasts out of your stereo. With mad guitar rifs, breakdowns, and screaming vocals, you realize this isn’t your average trance music.
The band is hardcore, punk and trance mixed together, creating an interesting sound that is new and inventive.
With tracks such as “Sorry You’re not a Winner,” which incorporates organ music, or “Return to Energizer,” that starts off as metal beat that gracefully combines a trance background, this CD is a good surprise with something for everyone. The vocals, mostly sung by Rou, are distinctly English. Even when he is screaming, you hear his accent shining through.
So if you are looking for something new and love either metal or trance, “Take To the Skies” is something to check out. Though if you really start to like them, don’t expect to be able to see them in concert anytime soon. Enter Shikari is only hitting up the west coast!

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