Pub It Up

Castleton, I’m calling you out.That’s right. The gloves are coming off, the sleeves are rolling up, and I’m ready to throw down like an Irishman on St. Patrick’s Day.

I am the Rocky Balboa of student journalists – punchy and completely willing to lead with my face.

All kidding aside, I do think it’s time that Castleton, the “small college with a big heart,” take a stand against any naysayers and give us what we want.

Give us our bloody pub.

Yes that’s right. I want a place where I can gather with my friends (of legal age, of course) and enjoy a nice cold brewskie or two. And I’m not talking about one of those “once in a while” kind of places either. I’m talking about a bar, tavern, alehouse, taproom, or whatever the hell you wish to call it

Students need a watering hole.

And no, The Dog is not my idea of an acceptable watering hole. The Dog is like porn – it serves its purpose, but you feel real dirty when you’re done with it.

I’m talking about a social gathering spot, a classy joint where everyone can enjoy themselves after a long day of cramming for classes or nursing hangovers.

Looking for a way to keep students from going home every weekend? Give them a place to chill out! Students are always complaining about how little there is to do around here on weekends.

Plus, people like myself are often crammed with work schedules all week long. We could use a little refreshment on the weekends to recharge our batteries.

Give us a permanent pub! A place where people can gather to relax, play pool, dance, read poetry, and have legitimate beer pong contests for prizes or something. Bring in some bands, too! Because you know damn well that no one is going to see them play at Fireside.

It could have a fancy-dancy name like The Glass Onion, The Round Room, The Pawn Shop, or a dozen other musically-inspired things. Let the students name it! Personally, I’d name it The Limelight – cuz Neil Peart rawks

It’ll have the class of Starbucks, without all of the snooty, Ipod-era, ass-clowns or the $10 coffee.

I’m not even making this an issue about drinking age, because Castleton has already decided to host a few of these pub nights with help from many students and professors. This is a brilliant idea, but it’s only the beginning. The school, if they are willing to make this a permanent fixture on campus, could very well see an even greater increase in student enrollment.

That means more money for the school, more money for PARKING and a million other things that the school desperately needs. Plus, it might even be a way to help keep tuition costs in check, but who knows.

I’m not an alcoholic and this isn’t about alcohol. I can buy a sixer of Wolavers or a bottle of Johnnie Walker anywhere. What I can’t do is gather with my friends, or even professors, and simply sit back and enjoy a mellow evening on a barstool. Not in Castleton, anyway.

I’m urging the school, as well as the town, to seriously consider making the vision that these students and professors share a reality.

Please don’t force us to The Dog – don’t make us resort to porn.

Give us our pub – please.

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