Guitar Hero 2: College Downfall

I could start this off with the typical, “So we are back at school, we’re all adjusting…” kind of stuff. But we all know all that’s what just happened.

Which is why I have decided to spare you the boring details of the start of the new semester babble, and just get to something interesting.

I have recently bought into a new and horribly addicting fad. At first, I shunned this item and figured that all the hype was for nothing. Then I got sucked in. One time was all I needed to crave more. No this isn’t a drug, but is in fact;

Guitar Hero 2.

The name of a game which is likely to be heard in at least every hall way of each of our residence halls. To play this musical game, you really need no musical talent whatsoever. Instead all you need is quick fingers and a good ear. You tell yourself ,”Just one more song”, but that’s never enough.

Anyone who has played GH2 can recognize the sounds of the game. A lot of times I’ll be walking down the hall and know someone, somewhere is rocking out their own fantasy rock star career. One room I notice seems to always be playing when I look in, and this is not an exaggeration.

I am slightly worried about myself, to be quite honest. I bought the game, expecting it to just be this fun, once in a time deal. Yet when I listen to songs I wonder how you would play them on Guitar Hero. Pretty lame? Or I go to play for a minute longer and I realize I played for an half hour. I’m in college, I have to focus on more important matters.

Video games have always been highly addictive. They have kept kids from doing homework and engaging in physical activities for years. There are many other things out there that have deterred all of us from doing the work at hand. I always have problems with being distracted.

This semester is going to be packed with work and classes. I keep reminding myself how crucial staying focused is going to be. Last semester I did well in all my classes, survived working at Huden and went home on the weekends. I did better than I expected. I think now that I have lived through one semester I feel like I can do everything. I want to do as well as I did, but also realize that is highly unlikely.

I hate setting up high expectations. I used to think everyone else had too high of expectations for me, until I figured out I was setting those expectations. I know my parents will still be proud if I don’t do as well as before or get a lower GPA. But will I still be proud?

Are high expectations better than none?

I don’t know how I started talking about Guitar Hero and ended up talking about expectations. When I was thinking about what I wanted to write, I told myself, “I want to write about GH2 and how it is going to ruin everyone’s college careers.”

I know that’s a slight stretch of the truth, but that’s how my brain works.

Now, I can go do homework… or play Guitar Hero.

Hard decision.

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