Free open lunches with CSC community in mind

New public safety director Bob Godlewski is hosting open lunches with the hope of improving the Castleton community.Godlewski said that he knows this will be a challenge, because most students think “that were out to get them.” But he said he wishes to work with them to create a safer community and feels that students are more likely to talk in an informal environment.

“My goal is to create an atmosphere where students will find me not only as the director, but as a friend,” said Godlewski.

The idea of having open lunches came to Godlewski as he thought of creating a community watch program where students and others can call in if they see any suspicious activity.

Even though this already happens, Godlewski said that the majority of crimes happen when they (Public safety) turn their backs, especially vandalism, the number one problem at Castleton.

The director also called the program a way to get “concerned students involved” so when they, “see something they let us know.”

“Our job is to keep this campus safe and secure,” said Godlewski, emphasizing that the community has to work together for Public Safety to be successful.

“In a 2,000-plus-person community I know I’ m not going to get everyone, sure,” Godlewski said emphatically, “but I want to get as close as possible.”

‘Lunch with the P.S director’ will take place in the Alumni Room in Huden Dining Hall on the dates below.

The meal is open to everyone on campus and is covered for those who do not have meal plans.

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