Colts by 13

Peyton Manning is one win away from solidifying his place in the middle of the debate over who is the best quarterback of all-time. By leading his Indianapolis Colts to a stunning comeback victory over the Patriots, Manning earned himself and his team a date with Da Bears in Super Bowl XLI. The 18 point turnaround was the largest comeback in Championship game history. And 18 is Manning’s number. Weird.One thing for sure in this match up, Manning’s counterpart; Rex GROSSman, will never sniff presence in the debate over best QBs of all- time. The delusional, over- confident Bears quarterback does, however, have a golden opportunity to overtake Trent Dilfer as the Worst Quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl.

Good luck half pint. If I were you I’d be looking to Steve Spurrier for some “expert” advice ASAP. May I suggest giving a call to your narcissistic buddy “Ole’ Ball Coach” to see if maybe he can help you restore the magic you shared at Florida.

While you’re having that discussion, maybe you can share with him your secret to staying in the NFL for more than 2 years sans (French for without sports fans) talent. It probably has something to do with having a defense that scores more than your offense and a head coach named Lovie.

Try and prove me wrong little fella. Personally, I’m a little shocked you were able to navigate your way through the NFC North. Not. I’d equate two games each against the Vikings, Lions, and Packers to an NBA team getting six cracks at the Cal-Tech “men’s” basketball team. (Congratulations by the way to the nerds from Southern California for improbably snapping their improbable 207 game NCAA losing streak.)

The debate over who is the best quarterback of all-time is a tricky one. No other position in team sports is as scrutinized. No other position carries with it the pressure to win championships and perform in the clutch as NFL quarterback does. Quarterbacks are remembered for the rings they acquire. Where would John Elway be in such a conversation had he not won consecutive Super Bowls in his final two seasons? How does Dan Marino, the most prolific passer of all- time stack up? Should Manning fail to ever win the big one, he will surely be eternally linked with the likes of Marino. He would fall in the category of those incapable of being compared with Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana, and Elway. Tom Brady has three rings, and while there is no question that Manning is the superior athlete and an all-time stud, Brady has the titles and Manning does not.

That will all change soon. It is as simple as this: Manning vs. Grossman. No-brainer. Rex will make the mistakes and Peyton will not. The Colts defense will do enough. The Bears are not nearly as battle tested as the Colts due to a weak path through the soft NFC. Yes the Bears have a very good defense, but they are not the Ravens going up against Kerry Collins and the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV. This is Manning, Harrison, Wayne, Addai and Clark. And don’t forget that madman Bob Sanders in the Colts secondary. He will be a huge difference maker. Colts by 13.

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