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Sept. 28, 7:30 p.m., Fine Arts Center (Casella Theatre)

Vermont Symphony Orchestra performs Made in Vermont Music

Oct. 3, N-Period (12:30 p.m.), Fine Arts Center, Manhattan Piano Trio Master Class – Come take a musical journey in which the trio’s performers use their piano, cello, & violin to touch your emotions in an effort to console, provide hope, and bridge cultural divides. The trio, which will perform this same evening at 7:30 p.m., offers an opportunity to meet the musicians and hear about the story behind the performance.)

Oct. 5, 7:30 pm, Fine Arts Center, Cathie Ryan

Traditional music and modern message meet in Cathie Ryan’s Celtic compositions. She is advertised as “one of Celtic Music’s most popular and enduring singer-songwriter’s.” Treat yourself to a great evening of Celtic music.

Social Awareness:

Oct. 17, 12:30 p.m., Herrick Auditorium, Professor Lillian Jackson’s talk entitled, “Dismas House of Rutland, VT”*

Professor Jackson will speak about the role Dismas House, a transitional residence for former prison inmates, plays in the Rutland Community and the relationship Castleton State College has established with Dismas House.

Drama/Social Awareness:

Oct. 18, 7 p.m., Fine Arts Center, Kenny Carnes, “Pieces of War”

From his position as a former soldier, Carnes presents a cast of characters who explore the realties of war and the possibilities of peace. (His promotional material calls it dramatic verse, but it sounds like rapping to me.)

*Since the last 3 events in Herrick were standing room only the site may change–check before you go.

What students are saying:

Lyme Disease Lecture

Question: Why is it important to educate and advocate for yourself if you develop an illness?

“Your health is most important to you, so you will spend more time and effort on your own issues – with the potential to be a source and integral tool in your own treatment and diagnosis.” Kyra Wilson

“. . . you have to stick up for yourself if you think there might be more to it and your Dr. disagrees; you need to keep requesting tests and inputs because your doctor could be wrong.” Sarah Catanese

Liberal Elites & Local Democrats

Question: How has the meaning of the word “liberal” changed since the 1700’s?”

“. . . in the 1700’s people who considered themselves liberals were open-minded and ‘enlightened’ versus today [when] people are considered ‘not in touch with the real world.'” Tara Williams

“It [being liberal] represented an ability to think open-mindedly and to truly care about others. Today, even though many liberals still follow the spirit of this definition, ‘liberal’ has been demonized and typically means nothing more than a belief in left-wing politics.”

Jason Kibby

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