“Fresh” perspectives

What exactly is the “fun” part of college? Every day you hear about how everyone went to parties the night before, or did something fun and crazy. Yet so far there has been no fun in my college experience to speak of. Just stress.

Remember that old saying, “There isn’t enough time in day”? Oh, boy, how true that is. I was never involved in anything in high school, so I didn’t realize how much we have to do in so little time.

I always wondered why people were so wigged out all the time. It couldn’t be that bad right?

Guess I was completely wrong. Now that I hit college, I’m swamped. I thought I would make up for lost time. Between five classes, rugby, the newspaper and trying to get a job, how will I ever get time for myself?

And on top of that, there’s that pesky “social life” deal. Maybe when you first come to college, you strive too hard to do everything possible. I’m wondering if everyone else is feeling out of place and stressed out.

If you are, don’t feel alone.

It might be because there is so much to offer, or we just want to do so much, but it seems like every freshmen is overloaded.

And if you try to do everything you burn out. So when is there time for all these parties people go on about? Or time for any fun at all?

Is it because upper classmen are slackers, or just better at balancing their time?

I can’t handle it because I’m not used to it, but others who are used to it are still in trouble.

I’m really trying to hang out with friends and get out of my dorm to have fun. But I’m sore, tired and still missing home.

I wonder if or when this gets any better. Is there some magic key to unlocking this mystery?

Freshmen, we can only hope.

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