Nice to meet you

–Name: Mariko Hancock
–Birthday: June 12th
–Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
–Current job title: Director of Cultural Programming
–How long have you worked at CSC: 14 years
–Favorite color: gray-blue
–Favorite season: summer, because the ocean reminds her of home–When you first arrived America, what was the biggest cultural difference between America and Japan? The racial diversity and language (people expected her to automatically be fluent at the —English language) Also, she used to get annoyed by the ignorant questions people would ask her about her culture, like ‘do all Japanese eat raw fish for breakfast?’

–What made you decide to come to America? I wanted to make my own life, like choices of career and relationships. Originally, I wanted to go to Europe, but my elder brother already lived in Long Island so it was easier to come here and
my parents agreed to let me go.

–What made you decide to move to Vermont? I met my now husband in New York City and his teaching job brought us to Vermont.

–What do you love about your job? The creativity and seeing the audience light up to the performances I have booked is like a high. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

–What do you not like about your job? The long hours can be taxing and it seems when I am in an audience outside of CSC I tend to critique the performances, ushers, and box office, instead of just enjoying the performance. Or if I like the performance,
I’d start making notes.

–What was the most memorable performance that has been on the CSC stage? In 1997 the American Repertory Ballet did a rendition of Swan Lake and as the dancers were dancing under a suspended moon the moon fell and was swinging just above the stage, and the dancers didn’t lose a beat and kept dancing.

–Favorite quote: “Live an ethical life” – Delhi Llama

–Anything more to say to the readers of The Spartan: “Art is a foundation of everything you do in life. There is nothing like live performances. Consider that the artists on stage are giving you their soul. Take advantage of performance like in soundings. Make it a lifetime habit.

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