Library Goes Wireless

The Castleton State College library is now wireless.Now students and faculty don’t have to wait for computer terminals to open up because wireless service allows them to access the Internet on their laptops without plugging in.

The idea of offering wireless Internet service was previously suggested by the library because of a lack of work stations available for students.

“I had no idea about the wireless internet, but it will be very convenient for me now that I know,” said Megan Bouvier, a freshman at Castleton. “I think it is a great idea.”

It took a while for Wi-Fi to come to Castleton, mainly because the Information Technology Department wanted to do its research.

“If we were going to do it, we wanted to do it right,” said Jonathan Czar, the IT system administrator.

Wi-Fi consists of eight access ports placed in different location within the ceiling of the library. Each port runs off a central system from a neighboring building. Depending on wall interference, the range from a single port can reach up to 300ft, making the network available for anyone in the library or outside its doors.

Anyone who uses the network is protected from being “spied on” or “sniffed,” Czar said, meaning not just anyone can view the information on your computer, like other wireless Internet connections you can connect to from other users.

“I am very confident about our IT department”, says Sandy Duling, the library director. “They care a lot about the security of the network, and I think they do a wonderful job. So far we have had no problems with the Wi-Fi network.”

In order to be able to access Wi-fi, your computer must be able to support WPA, and have a wireless card built in. If you don’t have a memory card built in, you can buy one.

Castleton is considering offering wireless service in the housing areas of the campus. Right now the library is testing the network, making sure there are no “bugs” or “kinks” in the program, Czar said.

“It’s absolutely wonderful,” said Felicia Bosley, who has been using the network as a student in the library.

“It helps me get away from the noise in my dorm while still using my laptop.

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