The man behind the lens

Arriving before most students even start classes, Ennis Duling tucks himself in a private office in Woodruff where he begins every day. He starts work by updating the school Web site — something that many of us just take for granted. From there he could be answering calls from the media, fact-finding for administrative projects or working on a variety of college publications that he oversees.

As director of public information, Duling works on a lot of little projects throughout the year – and always does so without trying to attract any attention to himself.

He edits the annual alumni magazine, is a part of college President Dave Wolk’s cabinet, and can always be seen taking photos of school events for the Castleton print and online products.

“Picture taking is important” said Duling in an interview late last semester.

He obviously believes strongly in that comment, missing few Castleton events – and photographing almost every theater production – since 1988.

Duling has been at Castleton for 18 years, and has seen countless changes during that time – but not as many as his wife, Sandy. Sandy Duling rounds out Castleton’s Duling duo as the school’s librarian, and has been employed by the college for 19 years.

Sandy spoke proudly of her husband’s efforts on behalf of the college.

“People don’t realize how much work he’s done,” she said.

Ennis graduated from Gettysburg College as a history major and started out working as a reporter and editor for Ski Racing Magazine.

“I learned how to write news stories by doing them,” he said.

After spending five years around college events, Duling said he thought it seemed like college was a good place to work.

When a public information coordinator job first opened at Castleton, Duling jumped at the opportunity.

As the college grew, there was more of a demand for public relations and his job developed into the current director of public information post.

Because Duling’s job deals very closely with the public, he said he follows Wolk’s motto of “Tell the truth, tell it well, and tell it often.”

Wolk, when asked what Duling means to the college, called him Castleton’s “unsung hero,” who is “dedicated, diligent and meticulous to detail in all of our internal and external communications.”

“Most importantly, he loves Castleton and that is exemplified by the many publications of the college that reveal more than pictures and articles about our college, but also a deeply felt devotion to our history and tradition, as well as a commitment to our future,” Wolk wrote in an e-mailed response. “He loves Castleton, and we love him, too!

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