‘Sounding Off’

Event Countdown – 3 down 17 more to go

Upcoming events:
Sept. 14th, N-Period (12:30 p.m.), Herrick Auditorium, “Liberal Elites & Local Democrats: The Cultural Politics of the Constitution, Then and Now”
What is constitutional or unconstitutional? The answer may depend on who is interpreting the Constitution. Come hear what U.S. historian Jason Opal from Colby College has to say about the Constitution. Music
Sept. 19, N-Period, Herrick Auditorium, “You’re Listening to WHAT? Students and Music at CSC”
Do you think you know what your fellow students are listening to? Come find out if you are right. Ron Sherwin, CSC’s assistant professor of music, presents the results of an informal study he did about musical preferences here on our own campus.

Sept. 21-23 at 8:00 p.m. and Sept. 24 at 2 p.m., Fine Arts Center, The Crucible
Come enjoy Arthur Miller’s powerful play about the witch hunt in 1690’s Salem (or is it the Communist hunt in 1950’s America?). Let the play prompt some deep thoughts about the integrity of a society that uses fear tactics to deprive citizens of basic rights and causes them to turn on each other to save themselves.

Soundings event feedback: Woods Tea Company, Aug. 29
Question: Music is a form of communication. What did tonight’s performance communicate to you?

“Tonight’s music communicated many thoughts and feelings. The tone of the voices and the instruments sometimes sounded lively and happy. Other times the feelings were sad and mournful, especially in “There Were Roses.” There was deep joy in the song written for the grandchild born in Paris. There was an overall feeling of profound friendship shared by the band and pride they all held in each other’s talent. I felt very relaxed and peaceful and enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere and lovely music.
Larina Steinke

“The music played tonight had many different ideas and themes. First off the Irish and Scottish based music rang close to my heart because I am Irish and Scottish. It was beautifully crafted and made me feel as though I was there. One really got a sense of the different musicians’ personalities. The song towards the end, ‘December Child,’ was very moving and really gave me a warm sense of family–you could tell that he is a great dad and leader.”
Lindsey Lyle

“The Woods Tea Company is to manufactured popular music as a winding country road is the freeway.”
Brad Lussier

“It was fun. I would like to set up a dance floor and some strobe lights.”
Ken Murakami

Have something to say about a Soundings event? Was it a success? A flop? Both? Please contact a Soundings instructor or Spartan advisor David Blow to share your thoughts.

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