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I’ll be brief because I’d rather have you spend more time with the student editorials on this page than the annual plea for help from the newspaper advisor.It’s year two of the latest reincarnation of The Spartan. The staff is larger, we have a new camera, and new computer and a still new Web site (

I think we’re on the right path, but we could be better.

We need even more bodies to send us material – and not just news stories – but fictional works, short stories, poetry, columns – whatever.

We want your photos, your feedback and your story ideas – from students, faculty and staff alike. We really could use another editorial cartoonist to help Jesse Durona.

We want comments on our stories, which now can be done on the web site with ease.

And we also desperately need an enterprising business student who’d like to say he or she is the advertising director of the paper. The student could gain experience selling and designing ads both in print and online.

I’ll stop pleading now. Actually one more plea to journalism students. If you aren’t working on The Spartan, you should be – even as an occasional contributor. Future employers will ask why you didn’t. Believe me.

Anyone interested in joining the Spartan team, e-mail me at or the managing editor

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