Butts tarnish “green” campus

Everywhere you look there are places to properly dispose of cigarette butts, yet everywhere you look, there are butts lying all over the ground. Now if people want to smoke, that’s fine, it’s their problem, but when they make it everyone’s problem by leaving their trash scattered around the campus, then we have a problem. Castleton might as well give up its “green” stance, because with all the cigarette butts on the ground, the school has already lost it.

It’s sad when the students in a school can recycle more than they can dispose of their trash. How hard is it to walk a foot, or heaven forbid two, to put a cigarette butt into the allotted spot. My personal favorite is when there is a little circle of discarded cigarette butts right next to the standing ashtray.

Nothing is more disgusting than going to sit on the ground and discovering you are sitting on 10 butts, and 10 people’s saliva. Sometimes it seems like the grass turned into cigarette butts. It’s the best way to turn a scenic place into a dump, that’s for sure.

Just look around the amphitheater.

Then there are the people who spend so much time picking up the cigarette butts, only to have to go out the next day and see the spot they cleaned up already back in a mess. Do all of you out there really think it is OK to throw your butts on the ground? It is the single most debasing act toward a college that is trying so hard to be more environmentally friendly and clean.

Why don’t you try stuff your cigarette in the ash tray when you’re done? See if it hurts anyone. Go on, try.

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