Wuagneux Makes Return to Fireside

When adjunct Professor Robert Wuagneux had fixed the reverb on the microphone and began playing his guitar and singing in his deep, slightly grizzled, blues powered voice, there was a feeling from the people dining in Fireside caf that this edition of late night would be something very special. Wuagneux began the evening with “Shady Lane” from his last album Love Is Easy. It is the tale of a society of people who apparently think they are better than everyone else, yet are hiding their own individual flaws.

I also must note that he was singing the words ‘French fries’ as I was putting a French fry in my mouth. He then went on to “A Part Of Me” from What A 1-Uful World, a sentimental ballad about individuality and the rigors of show business.

But the party really got started when Wuagneux brought out the moldy-oldies from the 1950’s and 1960’s, including a bunch of Beatles tunes.

It was a very entertaining night from a musician with his own entirely eclectic style.

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