Toscano “Doin Time” with Soundings

For years, Peterson Toscano lived in denial of his real sexual identity. He spent $30,000 dollars trying to change what he knew deep down inside he could not change. On Monday, May 6, Toscano brought his one man show — ‘Doin’ Time In The HomoNomo Halfway House’ — to Castleton.

What was impressive about the play was Toscono’s acting versatility, playing the parts of five different characters. The characters ranged from several openly-gay individuals enrolled in the halfway house, to parents who were instrumental in convincing their kids to go into these programs.

Toscano didn’t use any costume changes and was on stage for the full duration of the hour-and-a-half performance. He had the entire script off book and he, impressively, used no notes or props at all.

The content of the play went between being sympathetic toward these individual’s wants to not be viewed as deviant, and the silliness that the whole thing really is.

In Toscano’s question and answer session that immediately followed the event, he said that he still believes strongly in his Quaker upbringing, but that he is no longer interested in trying to change his sexual orientation.

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