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Disgusting, Horrible, worthless and atrocious. These four words are an understatement when talking about the New York Knicks dismal season. I know all you hoop fans are sick of hearing about this, but after a blowout loss to the Bobcats I just lost completely lost it.

It doesn’t make any sense to me how the NBA’s highest payroll that includes names like Stephen Marbury, Eddy Curry, Quentin Richardson, Jalen Rose and Jamal Crawford can have a 15-41 record.
Not to mention a general manager that is Issiah Thomas and a coach that is Larry Brown.

If you ask me this mess started when Thomas decided to ship out Kurt Thomas, the heart and soul of this New York team, and bring in the ego-filled, streaky jump-shooting Quentin Richardson. At first glimpse, the moved seemed great and Knicks fans were excited.

But now we’re beginning to understand how much Thomas meant to the Knicks. They could depend on him every night. He was a flat out warrior. Up 20 or down 20, this man would dive for loose balls and fight for every rebound.

When you play in Madison Square Garden you have to play 100 percent all the time. The fans won’t allow anything else! Now, the things you can depend on at a Knicks game night are poor defense, Marbury turning the ball over and Curry being too tired to play in the fourth quarter.

AND–just when things couldn’t get any worse for the Knicks, they decide to ship young superstar Trevor Ariza and bring in Steve Francis. Why the Knicks need another hot-head loudmouth who wants everything done his way is beyond me.

Wasn’t the point of bringing in Larry Brown to find players who would listen to him? If Marbury and Francis were smart, they’d remember how Brown took Chauncy Billups from an average player to an all-star.

The only up side to this season are young stars Channing Frye, David Lee, and Nate Robinson. I feel so bad for possibly the only three guys on this team who actually want to win.

Growing up as a Knicks fan, it’s so hard for me to think back to the days of Patrick Ewing yelling at the top of his lungs after sinking a fade-away or of John Starks diving into the crowd. That’s when the Knicks made every game a dog fight, not a Mary-Kay make-up party.

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