S.A. election in turmoil

The votes have been cast and tallied and the new Student Association President-elect wasn’t even on the ballot, which has some members of the executive branch upset and threatening a boycott.Steven Vail, a business major, has been elected to the highest position in the S.A. by write-in, an accomplishment that is rarely seen in any election.

But according to several individuals, who were also elected to positions, the president-elect broke several rules en route winning the vote.

“There have been so many violations of the election process its ridiculous,” said M.J. Stades, Student Association vice-president of academics.

According to Stades, Vail was campaigning within 50 feet of the polling station asking for votes and in some cases even following people to the voting booth.

In protest, Stades submitted a letter to the college court, prior to the votes being counted, which listed what he thought were several infractions. They included Vail being within the 50-foot boundary a candidate is allowed to the polling station; a write-in list illegally placed next to the ballots at the polling station and a ballot that contained the wrong information.

According to Victoria Angis, assistant dean for academic life, the judicial branch of the S.A. met in a special session Thursday night to review Stades’ letter and decided that the election was valid and awarded the presidency to Vail.

Neither Vail nor Chief Justice of the College Court Scott Levesque returned requests for comment on the situation.

Dave Stebbins, the only candidate on the ballot for president, feels that the students will pay for the election results. Stebbins also suggested the route in which Vail took to being elected is a preview of what to expect in his presidency.

“I think it says a lot about his character, not running until the last minute,” Stebbins said. “He’ll run the S.A. into the ground. This is not the person you want in a leadership role.”

Michael Trzciensky, Executive Vice President-elect, is also upset about the election results, but he feels that the blame needs to be placed on the current president Tammy Lattuca, who also wasn’t available for comment for this article.

“She was in charge of running the ballot boxes . and allowed him (Vail) to come up within 50 feet a number of times,” Trzciensky said. “Members of the college court are certainly responsible as well.”

But regardless of the current situation, Trzciensky vows to stay committed to his role as executive vice president elect so he can keep the executive branch in order.

“At the present time I will accept the position,” Trzciensky said. “It will keep the executive board with some experience.”

Stades feels differently about the entire voting process and says if the election results are not changed, he will protest the S.A.

“This is the straw that broke the camel’s back,” he said firmly. “I will not accept my term. I’m going to seek to have the S.A. dissolved because it is too corrupt of a body to exist.

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