Orpheus descends on Castleton State

Looking for a bit of laughter mixed with drama and be able to knock off one of those Soundings events? If so, ‘Orpheus Descending’ is for you.”It’s drama; it has everything. Love, gunfire, all the great very truly romantic stuff,” Theater Professor Harry McEnerny said.

Written by Tennessee Williams, ‘Orpheus Descending’ tells the tale of a musician’s brief stay in a town in the 1940s. The story revolves around the loneliness of not only this musician, but also of the characters well established in society.

“It’s a different kind of play,” student Ruth Desabia said. “It makes you think about what’s going on, not just when the play was set, but now as well.”

The characters battle against society as well as themselves to come to terms with the lives they wish to be leading.

“It incorporates social issues today,” student Andy McQuerrey said. “It brings a cultural perspective of the south that we as Vermonters don’t see.”

Val, the musician, tries to start a new life in this town and at first meets up with people unwilling to listen to the former entertainer or allow him to lead the new life he wants to.

But as the play progresses, the relationships open up. Lady, the wife of the owner of the store where Val found a job, finds herself in a position where she is touched by Val and can begin to accept her wants.

“It’s about real human emotions, love, fear, a little revenge,” student Shawn Dayton said.

‘Orpheus Descending’ is the spring Castleton Theatre Department’s show playing from March 15 to March 18 and will include some familiar theater department faces as well as some new ones.

“There is so much information they [the actors] can grab onto in this play, all kinds of background. Everything they say means something,” McEnerny said.

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