Carruthers becomes an American citizen

Judith Carruthers will finally be able to vote. On Saturday, March 11 at a naturalization ceremony at the federal courthouse in Rutland, the Castleton State College director of career development took the oath and is now an American citizen.

Carruthers is originally from Montral, Canada, but has lived in Vermont for 10 years. Before moving here, she said she and her family had been visiting the United States since she was 2 years old.

“I’m just as excited today as I was Friday,” said Carruthers on Monday, her first day back at school as an American. She even brought a cake to work, just because she felt like it.

The process of becoming a United States Citizen has taken Carruthers about 10 years and more than $2,000.

“Look what it I went through to be able to vote,” said Carruthers, ecstatic over her new freedom to vote in this country. “I wish there was something to vote for today.”

President Wolk arranged for a Castleton a van to go to the ceremony for those who wanted to be part of the event.

The ceremony was standing room only and Carruthers had more people come than what she was allowed to, said Melissa Paradee, who works with Carruthers.

Even though Carruthers’ family wasn’t able to make it, Paradee said she was thrilled to have so many colleagues and her friends there to support her.

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