CU still has time for Black History Month events

What is Black History Month? February is a month where black inventors, leaders and traditions are celebrated. Without black history, there would not be much American history. If it wasn’t for Garett Morgan we would not have stoplights, which are obviously very important all over the world. And then there’s […]


Bennington nursing on right track

With a semester in the books, the students and faculty at Castleton University’s Bennington branch are starting to hit their stride. “The professors are more on track, the students are more on track, we’re definitely more settled,” said student Haley Adelt. Adelt is a former Southern Vermont College student who […]


Virus strikes fear in students

The flu-like novel coronavirus has killed over 1,700 people in China in recent weeks. This deadly virus has not only induced fear into the citizens of China and many travelers going in and out, but that fear has also made its way to Castleton University. “Some of the new Chinese […]


Bill would take flavor out

A newly introduced bill in the Vermont House of Representatives promises to ban the sale or possession of flavored tobacco products and e-liquids across the state. The proposed bill—also known as H.823—was first read and referred to the Committee on Human Services on Jan. 21 and follows the momentum of […]

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Mac Miller album review

From the opening bass line of the track, “Circles” to the abrupt ending of the closing track, “Once a Day,” Mac Miller takes us on an intimate journey into the deepest parts of his mind. Circles is Mac Miller’s sixth studio album. It’s hard to get into the mindset of […]


My Moroccan adventure

The question on everyone’s lips was the same. “Are you excited for Morocco!?” I would answer with a simple but enthusiastic “yes!” to appease them, however, the reality of my fast-approaching semester away had not yet hit. Nor had it set in as I got accepted, while packing, or even […]


Students discuss efforts to impeach Trump

As the nation watches the impeachment proceedings unfold, it becomes apparent just how consequential the impacts of this event may be. Whatever results from it, the topic of impeachment seems to eclipse many other stories in the news these days. But does the presidential impeachment bear as much relevance and […]


Downsizing for daycare

When becoming an adult, many people settle down in one area and live there for many years. In Castleton University President Karen Scolforo’s case, however, she is moving from house to house to house within a matter of a few years. Literally. Students and faculty have started to notice that […]

Michael Talbott crouched in front of a home, planting a "Talbott for alderman" campaign sign.
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Prof. Talbott is running for alderman

It all started with a downed tree. In most places, if you see a tree blocking a road, most people would back up, find another way around and wait for the town to pick it up. But on that day in Vermont, it was a story. Michael Talbott was driving […]


Pronouns are just as important as names

Walking into your classroom on the first day of school, you settle into your seat, look around at your classmates, and dread the looming introductions between your professor and everyone else. But this time it’s different. Your professor asks your name, your major – and your pronouns. To some, it’s […]