Could joining Student Court be right for you?

Across campus, there are a wide variety of clubs and organizations; anyone can join to become more involved with their campus community.  

If you are interested in the innerworkings of the university’s sanctioned student government, the Student Court might be the right fit for you!  

This past fall, I decided to join the school’s Student Court and it truly has been such a great experience. Our fearless leader and Chief Justice is Christina Beatty. Due to her position, she attends the weekly SGA meetings to report any new topics or announcements to the SGA delegates and officers.  

She is currently a senior Psychology major, and she truly enjoys her position and what it means to be on the student court. 

  “The SGA Student Court is an essential here at Castleton. Not only do the students come together to discuss important policies such as the code of conduct, the constitution, and the bylaws, they are also able to participate in further establishing such rulings at the court trials. Being in this role makes sure every court Justice get closer to the Castleton community and understands the inner workings of a higher education institution. It continues to be an honor that I get to have great court justices that really are involved and interested in making this university a better place.” 

Our current dedicated and passionate court justices are Brytney Moore, Matthew Casey, Davin McIver, Colin Kemper, Carter Pelzel, Cale Santee, Anthony Jones, Emerson Joliffe, Grace Labella, Sydney Singh, and I.  

Since being on, I’ve been appointed the Deputy Justice and it’s been such an honor! 

 When you join Student Court, you will speak with Christina and SGA President Perry Ragouzis to ensure you’re ready for your position and so they can learn about you before you’re officially appointed by the SGA Congress.  

Unfortunately, many students are unaware of the opportunities you have when you participate in Student Court and have misconceptions of our duties. Student Court is critical for maintaining the accountability and respect of students on campus.  

When we address the issues brought to us with the students, it strengthens the relationship between the court and individual. Participation in court can also build up other important skills that are beneficial out of the courtroom like problem solving and critical thinking.  

Since this is a branch of SGA, the Student Court attends semesterly retreats with the other SGA branches. The Student Court also is responsible for counting votes in student government elections and helping out with the organization of it all. We also hold mock trials occasionally to ensure that every member knows what to do when we have a real case.  

Something else wonderful about the Student Court is the ability to educate your peers on the importance of student-led government on university campuses. Hopefully at this point of the article, you’re ready to start your student government journey! 

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