Celebrity trial inspires portrait sketch

Joe Vyvial draws a portrait of Johnny Depp after having watched his trail against Amber Heard







It was April 2022 and my TikTok and Instagram got flooded with videos from the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial. 

I’ve always liked Johnny Depp, and I wanted to be “in the picture” a bit. 

I wanted to know what is going on. 

So, I watched the trial. I was also planning to draw something after a long time and I thought, why not Johnny? 

So, I decided to use a more recent photo of him from that court. This portrait was a big leap for me. Compared to the ones I had drawn before, this one was much more elaborate and I spent significantly more time on it. 

It was also the first drawing that I decided to document in the form of short TikToks or Instagram reels. 

The drawing is done in graphite on a piece of 11.7×16.5-inch paper. 

More photos and videos form the process are on my TikTok/Instagram page: pepanart.

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