A slice of life: VTSU Castleton’s student-run podcast to illustrate the impact of Third Place Pizzaria

Codi Bacon talks on the “A Slice of Life” podcast.

In 2017 a Castleton graduate saw how important it was for the community to have a place for the people to hang out and decided to put the lessons of a sociology professor to use. 

Now, students in Dr. Michael Talbott’s podcasting and audio storytelling class at VTSU Castleton are producing a three-episode podcast – ‘A Slice of Life’ – profiling Third Place, the restaurant and pub just off campus that dominates the town of Castleton, Vermont.

“I go there all the time,” said co-executive producer Stone Stelzl. “It’s a great place to gather with my teammates and have some good food and some drinks outside of our usual spots.” 

According to the producers, the aim of this podcast is to share the story and idea behind Third Place’s origin, its adversities and conflicts, how it became a staple to a small town, while also providing a glimpse into the experience of a college pub that to its customers is more than just any old pub. 

The podcast will also inform listeners to what the concept of a “third place” is – a place for people to convene outside of home and work. From its opening in 2017, it quickly blew up into a campus phenomenon for anyone looking for a fun time on the weekend, or a chance to chill out after a long weekday.

“Everyone needs one of these places in their life whether they know it or not, and with this podcast we hope people will find a third place of their own,” said fellow Executive Producer Will Smith.

Listeners will hear from staff, customers, the owner himself – Andrew Breting, and professor Phil Lamy who taught him the concept upon which the restaurant was founded. 

Episodes will be released on a weekly basis premiering May 1, with following episodes releasing on May 8 and May 15.

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