Drake is a legend, and I got to see the last tour show

Drake performs the last show of the tour in New Jersey.

After five years of many albums but no tour, Drake finally went on tour starting in Chicago on July 2, 2023. 

And I had the chance to be at the very last show of this tour in Newark, New Jersey at the Prudential Center. Drake, Lil Wayne, and Lil Durk were all in one show packed in what normally is a hockey stadium, turned to a mock football field with a giant statue of Drake at the front. 

The seats filled up fast and before you knew it, D.J. Prince was blasting music getting the crowd pumped up for the show. 

Lil Durk was the opening act for this show, even though for the majority of the tour it was J. Cole. The theme of the night was “bigger than the Super Bowl,” with the pit section looking like a football field and having each star do a walk in from the crowd. Lil Durk came into his song “AHHH HA” as fans went crazy being so close to him. 

The best part of his portion was his song “All My Life,” where he had a choir of children lip-syncing a part of the song where children are singing in the chorus. 

A fake ESPN Broadcast was performed before Drake came on by Ben Da Donn, which then was followed by a real marching band and cheerleaders playing Drake’s song “Trophies.” The crowd went crazy. 

Then appears ‘Younger Drake’ on the big screen with the current Drake in a locker room as his song “Virginia Beach” played in the background. The music stops and then it’s just Drake on the screen when all of the sudden he pushes the wall and it falls down to reveal him on a small stage on the left side of the main stage. 

He walks through the crowd while asking, “New Jersey, are you ready?” 

He starts his set with his older songs to get the crowd excited, even taking a moment to give out money to people in the pit. Throughout his entire performance, different props are being flown around the Center including a UFO, a giant bra, Travis Scott’s head, and himself in a cage. 

When Drake took a break, Lil Wayne appeared. Even though it can be impossible to understand what he is saying, his entire set was like a time jump. Hearing “Young Mulla Baby” in person was personally my favorite part of his entire set, besides him thanking the crowd after every song he performed. 

Drake came back out and they performed some older songs they had from when Drake first was gaining popularity. 

After Lil Wayne exits, Drake goes into his encore. Since it was the last night, fans were begging for more because who knew when Drake will tour again. His encore lasted five songs, which included his most popular song “You Broke My Heart,” which had everyone in the room cursing out their ex. 

He ended the song by heading back to the stage he first appeared on getting sprayed with champagne by his friends. He ended the party-filled night with the song “Legend,” which was the perfect ending to wrap up his entire tour because he is and always will be a legend in the industry. 

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