3B hosts 4th annual football tournament

Former Student Robert Guerin

The 3B 7-on-7 football tournament is returning to Dave Wolk Stadium to help spread awareness for alopecia. 

Former student Robert Guerin has spent the last three years putting on this event for the Castleton community and has successfully raised money for his non-profit organization. Despite graduating last fall, he wanted to keep the tradition going.

“The amount of support we’ve had over the past three years has meant the world to me,” says Guerin, who has alopecia. “I want to continue to build off of what I’ve started at Castleton and continue to grow 3B into something bigger.”

This year’s event will not feature the face of the brand, as Guerin is unable to attend. Knowing this, he wanted to create the opportunity for others just like the one he was given three years ago.

Castleton football players Josh Peters and Jacob Calabro have taken the helm setting up this year’s event. Over the spring semester, they have worked together to plan out the event and continue what Guerin had created. 

Castleton students raise awareness for alopecia by participating in the annual 3B football tournament.

“The goal every year is to make the tournament bigger than the last,” Peters said. “Most importantly, we just want everyone to enjoy the event.”

A new venture that hasn’t been a part of the tournament is getting CAB involved to sponsor it. It made the 3B tournament an official student event on campus that will involve more students in addition to student athletes.

“There was a lot to do in terms of planning this year,” Calabro explains. 

He talks about how overwhelming the process is to fill in the pieces, but he reflects on how rewarding it is when it’s all over. 

“It’s definitely worth it in the end and it’s a great feeling to help support a cause like this,” he said

Both have taken advantage of this to gain real-world experience managing events, coordinating with facilities, and developing strategies to create a well-organized event. 

The games will take place Saturday, May 11 starting at 10 a.m. with a $5 entry fee. All proceeds will be donated to various charities that help support alopecia research and awareness. Come watch our student athletes compete against each other to be crowned the next 3B tournament champions and raise money for a worthy cause.

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