NAACP events mark Black History Month

Members of NCAACP

 The 1787 room was filled with vibrant color and stories as the VTSU Castleton branch of the NAACP held its annual Black History Fair held on Feb. 8. 

With the sound of soulful music in the background members of the NAACP were spewing knowledge and information about African Americans in the Arts in one of their many events happening during Black History Month. 

They held a previous event on Feb. 4 in the Hoff Hall conference room filled with red, yellow, and green streamers and balloons where people gathered around the tables ready to eat soul food. On the menu was crunchy fried chicken, creamy mac and cheese and more from Harmony’s Kitchen. 

At the Black History Fair, members spoke about musical pioneers, from Whitney Houston and Beyonce, to athletes such as Jesse Owens and Serena Williams to influential poets like Audrey Lorde and Lucille Clifton. 

The room was filled with knowledge of amazing black artists.

“If you’re unfamiliar with black culture, art is one of the things black people do best,” said Kayon Morgan, president of the chapter said. 

Members of the chapter gathered around posters they had made for the event wearing black NAACP shirts making it easier to spot them for any questions. 

The posters were filled with information about African American musicians in history, athletes, The Underground Railroad and different African Americans in poetry and more!

With a welcoming presence, they were ready to spread more information to people in attendance. 

“It’s important to be open-minded and less ignorant about certain things and topics within the black community and being informed about black problems and topics especially at a predominantly white place like Castleton,” said Tiara Robinson, a current member of the chapter. 

Robinson stood in front of a poster of Audrey Lorde who identified as lesbian, a civil rights activist, a poet, an intersectional feminist and an advocate for the LGTBQ plus community. 

Morgan said the NAACP branch is strong but always needs help. 

“We’re always looking for new people to join our organization. We’re hoping to spark leadership and build community, come join us!” Morgan said with a warm smile on her face. “Join us, work still need to be done.”

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