A Wake up call about coffee

Several activists in documentaries and lectures say social actions need to be taken on the local level these days.They say we may not think we can change the world, but we have lots of time to make small things happen in our communities that will reflect and make a big difference around the globe.

Castleton State College’s Reel Action Club hopes to foster this belief through the films it shows and the discussions and actions that follow.

The club’s latest film, to be shown at 6:15 on Oct. 2 in Herrick Auditorium, is “Birdsong and Coffee: A Wake Up Call.”

This film was produced by Vermont director Anne Macksoud, who will be attending the screening and answering questions.

Macksoud said that the documentary explores the “coffee crisis” and its devastating effects on migratory songbirds, rainforest ecosystems, and 25 million coffee growers worldwide. It also shows how we, the coffee consumers, can do something about it.

She said she believes in local efforts, and said her film has encouraged some local businesses to sale fair trade coffee.

You can see more information about the film on http://www.olddogdocumentaries.com/

The event starts at 5:30 p.m. with Latin food provided by the Spanish Club.