TAKE3 earns standing ovation

TAKE3, a trio of female musicians, performed a range of music for a Soundings event.

“The first Soundings I’ve liked,” certainly resonated in the minds of audience members following the outstanding demonstration of musical talent by the trio TAKE3. 

Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. marked an evening of both classical and popular music as the group TAKE3 transported the audience from the sandy beaches of the Carribean to the piano bench of Bach and Beethoven. 

Soundings Program Manager Marisa Valent-Altland, was exposed to the vibrant energy of the group during the American Performing Arts Professionals Conference this past January. Enthralled by the trio’s enthusiasm, Valent-Altland “knew that their combination of classical and contemporary would be perfect for Soundings.” 

The night tickled the auditory and visual sense of the audience as deep purple lights accompanied with ominous smoke brought in the lead violinist sporting a bedazzled jumpsuit. A violinist, cellist, pianist, and small laptop filled with background music captured the attention of a demographically diverse audience, beginning with a rendition of “On the Road Again.” 

The soft voice of violinist and TAKE3 creator Lindsay Deutsch floated above the lilting tunes of the cello and piano to introduce the audience to the unique style of the group. In conjunction with the clear professionalism of the Julliard-trained musicians was an electric energy to challenge the anticipated mellow nature of classical music. 

Sophomore Ginny Trevisan attended the event, and was taken aback by the unique sound, “because they mixed pop, my favorite genre, with classical music. My mom went to a conservatory, so when I was younger, she taught me some classical stuff on the piano, but I had not really been into it.” 

The audience was transported to the green-horned ears and fire-breathing dragons of Shrek with an iteration of Leanard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” The song exhibited intense crescendos juxtaposed with the vulnerability of string instruments. 

“We wanted to be classical musicians” recounted Deutsch, narrating the story of the trio. The “classic music nerds” expanded their repertoire by injecting contemporary hits and tunes easily recognized by all. The success of TAKE3’s musical style was reinforced with the engaging nature of Duetsch as she ran thrice into the audience, bringing the sounds of the violin directly to the ears of audience members and forcing the rest to watch in awe. 

Trevisan attributes the group’s energy to their success.

“I feel like their stage presence, how they presented themselves and interacted with the public throughout the show” was pivotal to the show’s triumph, she said. 

Valent-Altland commented on the frequent interactions between the group and the audience, explaining that “their interactions with the audience were genuine and almost casual, and that made the students comfortable in engaging” 

The theme of “Pirates of the Carribean” and “Game of Thrones” reached the corners of Casella, bringing the intensity, life, and adventure of Jack Sparrow and Jon Snow to the Green Mountain State.

The lighting designer certainly felt inspired as red hues cast shadows to accompany the vigor of GoT. In the spirit of blurring the lines between genres was the sound of Justin Bieber’s “Despacito.” 

While music dominated the evening, entertaining recounts of tours punctuated the night also. Deutsch explained the treacherous journey to Castleton, Vermont, that required them to push their malfunctioning tour van at one point. 

As the performance came to a close, Deutsch humorously inspired the audience with her tale of a tissue box strapped with rubber bands at the age of 2 to DIY a violin. At 5, her parents grew tired of the sounds of snapping rubber bands and purchased a violin. As they say, the rest is history. 

It would be remiss to omit the incredible skill and talent exposed during a five-minute melody of Beethoven and remix of Bach and Amazing Grace. The audience was as captivated with the classical hits as they were with the popular renditions. 

Valent-Altland was overjoyed with the obvious success of the performance, noting that “my goal with each Soundings event is not only to introduce students to the liberal arts, but to do it in a way they find enjoyable and interesting. I think TAKE3 achieved that for them, and that makes me very happy” 

As the audience filtered out of the theatre, a table selling TAKE3 merchandise caught the attention of students, professors and members of the public. 

T-shirts and albums flew off the table to monetarily demonstrate the success of the event. TAKE3 holds the title of “first ever Soundings performance that was not an in-house event to receive a standing ovation,” Valent-Altland said. 

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