Is the Swift-Kelce duo being exaggerated?

Taylor Swift in a luxury box with Britanny Mahomes during the Kansas City Chiefs-Denver Broncos game.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. 

Let’s talk about it. 

Singer Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs football player Travis Kelce started dating in September. Since then, Swift has been spotted at many of his games. 

She can be found watching from a luxury box with Kelce’s mom, drink and pretzel in hand. 

Every time Kelce does anything on the field, the camera pans to Swift so people can see her reactions. 

Fans of both Swift and Kelce have mixed reactions of their coupling. 

“I can care less about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. As a football fan, I don’t think their relationship is at relevant to the sport of football and the NFL” said football fan and VTSU Castleton sophomore Nathan Pare. 

They sports broadcasts often show who is in the crowd at the games, which is exciting. 

But at one of the recent games, they panned to Taylor 17 times. 

Is it getting to be too much? 

“I think the NFL needs to stop trying to make bank on them dating by like putting him and her on TV. It’s weird. I think them together is cute, it’s whatever, but I feel like it’s being pushed a little too far,” said Swift fan and VTSU Castleton sophomore, Sya Barnes. 

Taylor Swift’s level of fame has caused some Swifties to start paying more attention to football, and even buying tickets to Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs games. 

“At the end of the day, when I sit down with my family or friends, I don’t want to hear about Swifties or how she ‘made him famous,’ because it is beyond annoying,” Pare said. 

“People need to stop thinking that she [Taylor Swift] is making Travis Kelce famous because this man is a professional, big time football player,” Barnes said. 

Although the fans feel this way, the NFL appears to be milking their relationship. 

A bit ago, in the NFL TikTok bio, they had “(Taylor’s Version),” which is Taylor’s trademark for the songs that she owns. 

This shows us that NFL supports Swift and is a huge fan of her and Kelce’s relationship. 

Some think that this means it’s a publicity stunt, since Swift is bringing so much attention to the Chiefs. Others disagree. 

“I think it’s real. I think her and Matt Healy were fake. They’re cute because he asked her out like a while ago,” said Barnes when asked if she thinks their relationship is a publicity stunt. 

Overall, fans of both Swift an Kelce think the romanticizing of their romance is getting a bit much. 

“Like what do you want from them? They’re cute. That’s it,” Barnes said. 

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