Artist works 30 hours on hyper-realistic drawing

Joe Vyvial’s completed drawing called “Shower Girl.”

This is the drawing I’m most proud of. 

It is drawn in a hyper-realistic style, which I was pretty new to back then, and I still think I am. My first hyper-realistic drawing was portrait of Mike Tyson. 

It turned out pretty well. People loved it. I liked it too, but it was just not it, yet. 

I didn’t use the right type of paper, so the texture wasn’t as smooth as I wanted it to be. The combination of charcoal and graphite wasn’t that good either and such. 

The process of the drawing.

This time, I did my research, made sure I had a good set up, the right tools and good lightning when I started drawing. 

I had one of Alessio Albi’s (a photographer based in Italy) photos as a reference and I used the grid technique, which is pretty common one for hyper-realistic drawings. 

The whole process took me close to 30 hours, and I enjoyed it very much. There’re still some parts of the drawing I wish I was more patient with, but there is nothing I can do about it now.

Why the name shower girl, you might ask? 

I pretty much never name my drawings because mostly they are portraits of people I know, or animals. 

This time the subject was unknown. When I first sent the final drawing to my family, they thought it was a photo and asked me who is that girl in the shower. 

I thought it was pretty funny, so I decided to name it like that. 

The whole process of this drawing and other ones I’ve done as well was documented in the form of short videos and progress photos on my Instagram and my TikTok @pepan_art.

The reference photo.

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