Transfer joys and struggles

Transfers are not new to Vermont State University. Each year, students coming from different schools, different environments, and different social circles bring new joy and learning to the Castleton campus. 

To many transfers, the appeal is a close-knit school and more one-on-one time with teachers. Some choose to transfer again after this year, a few arguing that saying that the campus does not have enough going on. 

But many comment on positive social interactions and how easy it is to make new friends. Some students add that Castleton is close to their homes, some of the transferred students are commuters, and being able to stay at home was a big plus for them. Another big reason for most transfers was the tuition, as it is much cheaper than most other universities. 

One issue commonly experienced among transfer students is transferring their credits over. I had this issue as well. Students from Johnson, CCV and Vermont Tech had some issues transferring their credits but not as bad as those from outside the system. 

Most of them still had to retake a class or two, which is a big downside to transferring schools. Other transfer students not coming from one of the merging universities had more of a tough time getting their credits transferred. In one such case, a three-time transfer student has had to take a class over three times, even though they got an A in the class each time. 

Schools do not make it very easy to transfer credits, and it is hard on the students when they must retake classes, as it hinders their progress. 

Students transferring from schools not connected to Vermont State university also struggled when it came to getting classes picked, because it took over a month for anyone to really look at their stuff and help them out. The students that were also connected to one of the Vermont state university schools still had some trouble getting help as well, just not as bad. 

Many of the students said they also are struggling with payments as it will say you are all good, then suddenly adds a charge. In some cases, it said that the school owed them money and the charges were false, and for many people it keeps changing.

Certain transfer students also voiced concern about overall club availability, noting many clubs displayed on the website are not currently running. 

When picking a school one looks at the clubs as that is something they can be doing and looking forward to for the year. Yet when they got here more than half the clubs listed are not available anymore. If you want them you have to reopen them and be in charge yourself, which can be a lot. 

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