Is one president enough?

When I arrived at Castleton in the Fall of 2017, Dave Wolk was president.

I heard great things about him, like how he dedicated so many years to the college, how he embodied the Castleton Way, and how he connected with students.

Wolk was who you thought of when you heard the name, Castleton.

But when he resigned at the beginning of 2018, the search for a new president began.

And that search began again when Karen Scolforo left in 2019.

And again, when interim President Johnathan Spiro left.

And now Tom Mauhs-Pugh holds the title as the VSC looks for a president for VSU.

Castleton University has been without a consistent president for four years now.

And I think it is safe to say that students have not had the same relationship with their presidents former students had with Wolk. 

Woodruff has simply become a revolving door when it comes to who is running this campus.

And it shouldn’t be that way.

And with the upcoming merger, there definitely should not be only one president of all the colleges in the system. 

How are students, especially at Castleton, suppose to feel comfortable and connected with their president when many have had multiple presidents in their time here.

And now, with the merger, it won’t even feel like there is a president of this campus, just someone who says they are sitting in an office an hour away.

Each college needs its own president.

They need to be on campuses and feel connected with the students who chose to go to school there. 

They need to be available if a problem arises on campus.

And they need to ensure that there is an open line of communication with those who work and go to school there. 

And most importantly, a president shouldn’t have to schedule a time to make an appearance.

I hope the president understands why Castleton means so much to the students, faculty, and staff.

I hope they take the time to get to know the students that call Castleton home, the professors who dedicate so much time to the college, and all the staff members who support the students and keep this place going.

And I hope that they find themselves on campus more than once a month to just check-in. 

Then I think they will understand why there was so much push back, when they see how much the college means to everyone.


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