COVID Chronicles: A last chance at childhood

What good came from COVID?

The months I spent at home during COVID with my family was actually one of the best things that could have happened.

Although it included months of doing nothing but feeling trapped inside of our home, it allowed me to become a child again.

During the months spent at home, my sister and I did the dumbest things to keep us occupied during the long days of sitting around.

It almost felt like my inner child had come out of me.

My dad had bought us a basketball hoop like two years ago because we begged for it. But then it sat there for two years going unused.

He told us so many times he was going to sell it but never did.

Well, this is what my sister and I did for hours a day. We would go outside and play games against each other.

At times, both my mom and dad would also come out and play with us and we would all play together.

It was a fun time to really just spend time with my parents and sister especially, since I was a senior in high school and would be soon going off to college.

It felt like I was back in elementary school or even middle school doing these activities outside with my family.

I was able to grab ahold of my childhood for one last time.

I was able to spend time with my family for one last time before starting a new journey away from home.

This is one thing I will forever be grateful for that COVID gave me.

The fun times with my family. 

Memories I will never forget.


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