Students plan a summer to make up for last year


Summer is approaching us, everyone is getting excited more than ever, and a lot of people older than 12 years of age are getting vaccinated for COVID-19. 

People are making fun, relaxing plans for the summer. It is going to be way more eventful than last year.

Ben Thompson, a junior psychology major at Castleton University, is very excited about the summer. He is mostly looking forward to his birthday in June and celebrating it with friends.

He is going to be a senior in the fall, so he is going to be taking a class online this summer so he can fill up more classes before his graduation next spring.

“I think I am most looking forward to my 21st birthday in June. I have definitely been waiting,” Thompson said with a chuckle.

Many students say they are excited for a more remarkable summer than last year. Ashley Carey, also a junior at Castleton University and multidisciplinary studies major, is excited about spending her summer outdoors. 

 “I did not get outside in the summer of 2020 a lot, so I am going to spend all of summer 2021 outside,” said Carey. 

Carey is pumped for kayaking with her dad, hiking, as well as camping this summer. She is also excited to work at Label Shopper.

Freshman Adsel Sparrow plans to be an SOS leader. She also will likely be the vice president of the Campus Activities Board in the fall. She is very involved on campus and this summer is most looking forward to seeing her mom and getting together with family friends and having fun.

 “If everything goes well, I am going to go visit my mom in Oregon. She moved there last summer so I haven’t seen her in a pretty long time. So, I’m hopefully going to go there around her birthday in late June,” Sparrow said.

Sparrow will also have reach out to new students and help them start to transition to Castleton for her role as an SOS leader. She also has to prepare for her new role with CAB. Sparrow is also going to see her friends this summer and she assumes that she is going to be getting the vaccine soon.

Students have a lot of fun things to do this summer and it looks like they are all going to have an eventful break. I am glad we can do a lot more this summer than last summer because COVID help is underway. 

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