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What was the most difficult part of the semester?    

Julie Leppo

“I’m a CA on campus. And it was really hard to be able to get to know any of my residents and make meaningful connections. We’re so secluded in our office, because we’re in the houses which is funky already, so it made me feel like I wasn’t even able to do my job.”

Alex Fernauld

“The most frusrating part for me was having my soccer season canceled… It’s a hard pill to swallow for sure.”

Gannon Teunissen

“The hardest thing this semester was taking an online class that’s out of my field—it was a science class. Taking that class over zoom and not understanding it at all, because I’m a very in-person learner. So, it was a struggle to try and learn in that class and do the best that I could in it.”

Leah Raymond

“Online classes. Personally, I learn more in a face-to-face setting.”

Sarah Serrano

“The hardest part of the semester for me was probably the fact that there wasn’t an actual break, and all of the ‘off days’ landed on days that I didn’t have class anyway, so… No break. Burnout. Yeah.”

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