Coming back to the CU campus in the middle of a pandemic

I am really glad and honored that I got to come back to campus for this spring semester during the pandemic because not everyone got to come back to school due to cases rising in some parts of the world more than others. I am very fortunate that my college is in a very safe place in the world, and that we were able to open back up again this semester. 

With college opening up this semester I had to tell myself and be aware that the pandemic was still here, but that Vermont is very safe and that even though we have a lot to worry about because of it, it is important that we get life as back to normal as possible. I had to make a really important decision, which was to say: should I come back to campus this semester, or should I not? And what would this semester look like for me? When I came back to campus, it was still very different because we had to wear masks and parents were not allowed to come into the residence halls to help you move in, but campus was a little bit busier than usual which was something I was very excited about. 

I knew that this semester was still not going to be all back to normal because of the pandemic, but the good news is that we have some in person classes this semester and people are starting to get vaccinated and that is all that mattered to me. I try to stay in a positive attitude as much as I can. We still have to wear masks and sit six feet apart in class though, and some social activities are still cancelled. It also means a lot to me that we have a lot more people on campus because it gives me a chance to meet more people and make more friends, which I could not really do last semester. Also, this semester we have been able to do a few more things than last semester and have more students on campus which is amazing. It has felt more like college this semester because I actually get to experience some in person classes and hope that I can take them all in person soon, in the semesters to come. I also hope to get vaccinated soon, and that April will come quickly like the wind so everyone can get vaccinated. 


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