Mixing COVID-19, H.S. and early college

I am an early college student in the middle of a pandemic. 

I am missing out on both my last year of high school and first year of college, not the ideal situation. 

I didn’t realize at the time that my last school dance would actually be my last school dance, or my last time in a classroom room would really be my last time in a classroom for a long time. 

It has been a year since I have sat down in a school and did work. 

But it’s not all bad, being an early college student in the middle of all this has helped with the transition to college. I am working from home, which allows me to have my own schedule and work on things at my own pace. 

I get to work comfortably in an environment that I created. I am not feeling the stress of the “first day of college,” feeling anxious, not knowing where classes are, or what time they are.

It has helped with my anxiety a ton. So, while being a first-year college student and senior in high school during a pandemic has made me alter my life a bit, it has helped me develop and mature as a student. 


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