The life of a CA during Covid-19

A small Halloween party in Babcock with Ashleigh Hoffer, Petra McLay, and Hayden Fitzgerald.

The life of community advisor is different this year because of the pandemic.

But while Covid-19 is changing the norms of life for everyone, CA’s say they are attempting to keep it like the previous years.

“I have to enforce new rules because of Covid-19, but I like being a CA. I like to help residents and make sure they like where they are living and that they are enjoying their environment,” said Babcock CA Kyle Burger.

Community advisors say they care about those around them and want to make sure they are enjoying their time at Castleton, even though it can be a struggle sometimes.

Some of those struggles deal with new Covid-19 guidelines students must follow.

“A big issue is mask wearing because students do not like to abide by the rules at times,” Burger said.

The CA’s say mask wearing and social distancing is not a choice, it is a rule.

CA’s here at Castleton say they are working hard to put together activities that follow the guidelines, are entertaining and are something everyone will enjoy.

Allison Andrade, another CA in Babcock Hall at Castleton University said, “We host programs every month so that we can keep students engaged.”

The activities have included walks, bonfires, jack box games, and Wii.

Even with the pandemic, CA’s say they are still trying to make students feel like they are a part of something. They call themselves CA’s instead of RA’s to get the community point across. They say they understand the need and importance of community here at Castleton.

“My last program was a walk and I had about seven people show up. I am hoping the next one has a bigger turnout because it is a Just Dance Wii night in the theater, so I hope that will spark more interest than a walk,” Andrade said.

She and many other CA’s are going out of their way to plan activities they feel students will enjoy.

“This month, we are doing a full building collab so all five of us CA’s were thinking of ways to have a fun program for residents, but also, keep everyone safe,” says CA Baylee Lawrence in Babcock Hall.

Despite their efforts though, the number of students attending these activities have decreased this year, they say.

But the main reason for that, CA’s say, is the fact that not as many students are here on campus.

However, students who are on campus say there are other reasons as to why they cannot attend these activities.

“I have stopped by one CA event and I would go to more, but I am usually working or working out,” said student Evan Toman.

Students say they can also get busy with homework and sports. Finding time can be difficult due to how busy some students schedules are.

“It depends on what they would be doing. If it is something that I found interest in, then I do not see why I would not go if I had the time,” said student Hunter Sarro, when asked if he’d attend future events.

But CA’s also realize that students may simply not be as interested in more virtual events.

“Due to the inability to host these programs within the residence halls and most of them being over zoom, these programs are less interactive than they have been in the past,” Andrade said.

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