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Welcome, one and all, to Selective Streaming: a rundown of what YOU could be watching this week!

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We’ve been watching more junk than ever. I’m guilty of it, you’re guilty of it.

I mean come on, someone got Dreamworks’ Peabody and Sherman trending on Netflix.

Selective Streaming is here to offer you the fine dining of streaming, if you will; a finely tailored menu of the week’s top picks. So, tie your napkin around your neck, and let us begin.

The Boys Season 1 was a phenomenon that swept the nation like overpowered beams from a pair of laser eyes. Thankfully, the show is not only popular; it just so happens to be a little thing known as really good.

It’s a gritty take on the classic Superhero concept. The Boys asks the question: what would superheroes really be like?

The answer: primarily dirtbags and corrupt murderers who have grown too cocky and powerful. They are untouchable by the law, so a small group of vigilantes decide to take matters into their own hands.

That is all I can say without getting into MAJOR spoiler territory, and the story is too good to spoil.

Currently the show has arrived at Season 2. Everyone’s favorite streaming service, Amazon Prime Video (Author’s Note: that was sarcasm), is drip-feeding fans with spotty releases of episode packs, with episode 5 releasing Sept. 15.

Because Amazon is intermittently releasing the IV that gives life to The Boys fans, you have more than enough time to catch up on Season 1! Then you too can join me in the suffering that is waiting for the next season 2 episode to drop.

But on the bright side, that suffering only comes when a series is really good.

Watch The Boys.

Do you wanna feel sad? You’re in luck. On September 16th Netflix released their new original film: The Devil All The Time, in which Spider-Man and Pennywise duke it out with Edward Cullen in 1950’s America.

I’m sorry, that’s partially a lie, but how sick would that be!? The actual film, indeed starring Tom Holland, Bill Skårsgard and Robert Pattinson, is described only as this: “A young man is devoted to protecting his loved ones in a town full of corruption and sinister characters.”

Sure, that’s one way to put it.

It is a psychological thriller about faith, war and the things we do to protect those we surround ourselves with. According to Scottish news resource The Scotsman, “the end result is lurid and pretentious, but entertaining in its own self-consciously depraved way.”

The reviewer proceeds to give the film a 3 out of 5 on Rotten Tomatoes… I- what did I just read? It sounded like you hated it, Mr. Scotsman, why did you give it a three out of five? Even though I’m confused and scared… hell yeah, I’m down to watch it!

In the music department, indie artist Louie Zong has been on a ROLL lately, releasing bop after bop on his Spotify, YouTube and Twitter. This past week he released a new mini EP titled Capybara, full of jazzy and stylized beats that make you wanna be a big ol’ happy rodent in South America.

If you have some studying to do and need some lo-fi jams to give you energy, there is no artist that I can recommend more than Louie Zong. You can find his work on Spotify, and I highly recommend starting by listening to his song Thumbnail featuring Brian David Gilbert.

He may not be the most popular, but he is one of the most high quality and consistent musicians out there right now. Pop in your earbuds, kick up your feet and relax to some Zong.

Let’s wrap things up with a personal podcast recommendation. We could all use some laughter right now, which is why I highly recommend the hit comedy podcast My Brother, My Brother, and Me. You can find it on every major streaming service, and the reason I bring it up this week is because their latest episode, “HORSEWAR,” made me bust my gut laughing.

It’s an “advice show for the modern era” in which three brothers gather around a microphone and give life advice. But remember, they’re “NOT EXPERTS, and their advice should NEVER BE FOLLOWED.”

It is an ingenious comedy podcast with hundreds upon hundreds of hours of content to listen to, whether in the background while doing dishes or after a long day of work with the need for a reprieve.

“Shrimp Heaven Now,” my friends, listen to My Brother, My Brother, and Me.

And that wraps up this week’s Selective Streaming! We’ve got some action, some drama, some chill vibes, some laughter, we’ve got it all! Make sure to tune in next week for not only the latest but also the greatest in streaming.

Seriously, stop streaming Dreamworks’ Peabody and Sherman.

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