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As I apprehensively crawl towards my final semester at VTSU-Castleton, I am reminded of the expansive horizon of possibilities that follow May 18th, 2024. The great unknown of life after formal education certainly weighs heavily on the minds of seniors, who, at the ripe age of 21-24, are tasked with making their first grand decision.

Perhaps most salient to this challenge is the over-saturation of choices. To work, to continue studying, to travel, to change the trajectory of your life? In what ways are we prepared to step out from under the comfortable presence of professors and structured existence of university life to the abstract concept of a career?

These unanswerable questions linger in the tense spaces between assignments and exams.

Academic Support’s annual Focus on your Future Workshop operates on the acknowledgment that students are often unsure of what the ‘next steps’ are following graduation. Specifically, the benefits of studying abroad, the process of interviewing, of applying to graduate school, and of gaining an internship.

Oct.17 prepped students for the intimidation of interviewing with a mock demonstration of a poor versus strong interview. While the poor responses were comedic in nature, it made clear what to avoid when stepping into an interview environment, clarifed by the expertise of the Rutland Young Professionals. 

Oct. 26 forced an introspective deep dive into the future goals of participants while learning about graduate school personal statements. As a medium for self-reflection and tool for engaging university administrators, students were exposed to the importance of personal statements by McNair Scholars Director, Britt Green.

Still keen on understanding your future? The final workshop will be held on Tuesday, Nov.7 from 12:30 to 1:30pm at Academic Support, with a focus on Internships. Centered on a panel of experienced interns, the workshop will expose the fundamentals of internships and the compounding impact it can have on your academic and professional career.

Accompanied with cider, cookies, and donuts, the Focus on your Future workshop series illuminates and addresses the gaps of knowledge common for students operating within a busy schedule and balancing the tugs of life with that of their future.

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