CAB Trivia still going strong

Students gather socially distanced in the Pavilion for trivia.

On Friday, Sept. 4 at 8 p.m., it was time for Trivia, and students hastened to find a seat to play the game with Shaun Williams and James Wolfe serving as hosts.

Williams announced the questions and Wolfe recorded the scores by walking around the pavilion.

It was a night where social distance was practiced and safety protocols were strict.

The attendants sat individually or in small groups, but either way, it still felt like everyone was on a battlefield.

Some answered the questions without putting a lot of effort, but others were baffled.

After two hours of battle, Sierra Boutin stood up to take the $40 prize for answering the most questions. Boutin was clearly one of the smartest students in the pavilion competing with the other perseverant students.

Also attending was Nikiah Shawn, who said she seldom misses trivia events.

“I love trivia! The school is doing a lot of good things for the students so that they won’t be bored,” she said. “I believe that the Campus Activity Board should improve on communication. They should work on getting the word out so that more students can attend the events.”

The night’s questions encompassed everything from American history to Disney to Castleton University and general knowledge.

One of the nerve-racking questions that the audience had a hard time answering was a Disney question. It dealt with the first words of Mickey Mouse on the TV show.

The answer was “Hot Dog” by the way.

“Don’t even bother to look at what we wrote James, its complete nonsense,” said Neema Modeste, one of the attendants of the game.

“It’s your fault,” she added, blaming this reporter who was also partaking in the game.

Every weekend the Campus Activity Board hosts a variety of activities for students to participate in, and trivia was part of it.

The fall semester of 2020 has been different for the Campus Activity Board because of the pandemic, but they’re still working hard to make sure students have activities to be part of.

“From my perspective Campus Activity Board is run by some extraordinary students who are willing to take the risk and create a safer environment for students to still enjoy campus activities while remaining vigilant in efforts to social distance and follow the policies set forth by the university,” Williams said.

He also said that they need change and have been looking for local entertainers to ensure the variety and safety of students.

This weekend’s events include a concert by Electrostatic Cats, Bingo and the screening of an Adam Sandler movie called “Uncut Gems.”

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