9/11 – A tribute

Photo of the towers’ shadows in the National Graphic in 1988. (Photo/Nathan Benn)

We live in the shadows of fallen towers.

Overpowered by our sheer lack of power.

A comforting breeze brushes our hair to the side,

But the breeze is from the screams of those trapped inside.

We stand above a grave under the dirt which we’ve sown,

Looking down we see the name plastered to be our own.

Looking up we see a fire blazing fierce in the night,

Ignited by the darkness once believed to be light.

And as towers crumble down we lose all hopes when we need them,

Coating generations in ashes constricting their freedom.

As you look unto a world unrecognizable in scope,

See a generation not given the tools they need to cope.

Look upon their faces coated in a deep grey ash and weep,

For no tears remove the ash on those already laid to sleep.

We hand them now a world so deeply steeped within despair,

Send them off with nothing but a solemn hope, a single prayer

That maybe they can change a world so many left in ruin;

A world in which we found, despite the gardens, nothing grew in.

So let them sow the seeds within the graveyard of ground zero…

In the hopes that no longer will we sacrifice our heroes.

Two towers standing solemnly as guards this starry night,

Knowing well the inferno tomorrow morning will ignite.

On the eleventh of a month in which nature begins to die

A lonely world in an uncaring universe will try

To pick up the pieces left by the ghosts of its past

And possibly allow these ghosts their rest at long last.

So on this frigid day look to the sky and find,

A tower built by generations left behind;

Living in the shadows of fallen towers.

Overpowered by their sheer lack of power.

A comforting breeze brushes our hair to the side,

A reminder that despite the loss it’s not too late to try.

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