Global gag rule re-instated

            Roe v. Wade was decided 44 years ago, giving women the right to abortion by the Supreme Court. Recently, President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that enacts the “global gag rule” banning nongovernmental organizations from receiving foreign aids if they perform or even provide information on abortion.

            A photo of Trump signing the order went viral.

            One of the best tweets about this was actually tweeted out by a man.

            “As long as you live you’ll never see a photograph of 7 women signing a legislation about what men can do with their reproductive organs,” tweeted Martin Belam.


            Where the heck does Trump think he got the right to tell women what to do with their bodies? Did he suddenly grow a womb?


            To be perfectly fair, Trump reinstated the rule that Ronald Reagan implemented in 1984, according to an article about the order in Vox. Bill Clinton repealed the order when he was in office, George W. Bush reinstated, and Barack Obama repealed again.

            Even though this has gone back and forth for years, Trump made it his own by applying it to all global health funding rather than just for family planning funding, according to Vox.

            Not only does it take safe abortions away from women in many low-income countries, but it also bans their donated birth control, like condoms.

            He’s forcing women in low-income countries to either keep babies they can’t afford or get unsafe back alley abortions.

            Taking funds away from low-income countries takes away health care access for STDs. It’s like he’s stepping toward defunding Planned Parenthood but starting with people who are the most helpless.

            The United States budgeted for $607.5 million to fund these international health groups, according to an article from The Hill. The wall that Trump wants to build is going to cost up to $15 billion, according to Business Insider’s website, or up to $25 billion according to Fortune’s.

            There isn’t a financial reason the president should have taken that aid away, other than the fact he’s taking backwards steps to make all abortion illegal, especially with the nominees he has for the Supreme Court all being pro-life.

            It’s a scary time to be a young woman in the United States because our president wants to take away rights we’ve lived with our whole lives, and didn’t think we’d ever have to live without.

Reproductive rights are important and no one should judge women for their decisions or try to make them for them, especially male government officials who have no business telling anyone what to do with parts they don’t even possess.


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