A Hallmark holiday


Flowers. Chocolates. Teddy bears. Love. Appreciation. Hearts.


            Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. The day when people in love feel obligated to show that they are in fact, in love. Instead of doing something nice just for the heck of it, they go to the drugstore and pick out a bouquet of roses that will wilt in a week.

            Feb. 14 makes the single girls feel even more single. It makes people in relationships feel good about themselves, but for what?

            The best part about Valentine’s Day is Feb.15. That’s when all the candy goes on sale. That’s when the people who know what they’re doing load up on cheap candy and eat it alone on the couch while watching a sappy movie and crying.

            Okay, okay. There are some good parts about the dreaded day. It allows people to show their love. It gives people courage to admit their feelings when they don’t have another way to say what they want to say. It can make people feel good about themselves.

            Some say that it is a holiday created by Hallmark in order to sell cards. Some trace it back to St. Valentine from Ancient Rome. Some see it as a way to express their love. Some see it as useless.

            Who is to say who is right?

            People on debate.org, like the many people who choose to express themselves on the internet, had some opinions.

            “Love isn't something that is based on time. You can always show or never show love. It should not be based on a day where people are asked to buy things and do things to "prove their love". Just because a man does not buy his wife flowers on February 14th, does not mean that this woman whom he has been married to for 40 years, he suddenly does not love,” a user said.

Some people simply put dollar signs in their posts.

Another said, “love wins” over and over again.

There will always be people on both sides. Guess it’s just time to let people live their lives with their own opinions.

Imagine that.

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