My door-to-door Trump experience

A million thoughts ran through my head as I was headed toward Manchester, New Hampshire to work for the Donald Trump campaign going door-to-door.  What would people say to me? Would I get yelled at? How about threatened? Would someone have a gun?  These were all thoughts that were keeping me a bit worried as the day began, heading to Trump headquarters with my new friend Steve Hutchins.

The headquarters were amazing. There were so many volunteers working there that it blew my mind.  So many people who were on the phone making calls for the campaign and others who were there getting pamphlets to hand out to people door-to-door.  The sight was amazing and showed the support Trump had in New Hampshire. 

After arriving we were told to head out and meet with another man who was already out going door to door. He would give us our work information and help us get started.  We had met with him, got our assignment and started going to up houses. We found quickly that we were in a wealthy neighborhood. So it began. I walked up to the first house, knocked on the door, and waited. Nobody came to the door.  This seemed to be a trend for the day's work where no one would answer. Sometimes you could tell they were home or hear people talking, but they would not come to the door to talk to us. 

There were, however, some people who would answer the door. Some were very polite and happy to answer my question, while others would refuse, or yell and tell me to go away.  One experience that stood out was at a house where I was dropped off at. It was back in the woods a bit and I could see a lot of trucks around. It was a very country house for the type of neighborhood it was in.  I began walking towards the house, when all of the sudden right above my head I heard a loud “bang” and looked above me to see a gun barrel out the window.  It was at that point I started to walk away, until I head from behind me: "Sorry, we did not see you there."  With that I walked back, they apologized and took my survey.     

Nearing the end of the day we headed back to the main headquarters.  Steve had to go to dinner so I stayed behind to do some work there.  It was there that I got to meet other supporters, some so dedicated that it shocked me.  There was one, she was from Brooklyn, who had rode on a bus by herself to be there to work for Trump.  She also told of how she was a Christian and had spent one night for fourteen hours on her knees praying for Trump and his campaign.  Others had come from others states, such as Texas, Tennessee, and Kansas.  It almost brought me to tears seeing so many people working towards one dedicated cause.  An experience I would not trade for anything. 

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