Get your eggs ready

Whether you call it one or not, everyone has some type of bucket list. There are things everyone wants to do before they die. Think about it. I have an ever growing and changing one. This post is about this weird bucket list website thing I found.

            So I was doing some Googling for ideas for this week’s blog and I found this website and it’s pretty cool/weird. It’s like a Pinterest for bucket list ideas so I made myself an account and went on.

            The site has 467,613 members and the most popular goal is to swim with dolphins, which I’ve done so, as London Tipton would say, yay me! I can see why that’s a popular one because it’s super fun.

            Besides the wet suit vest things that cause chafing and rashes, I mean. But we don’t need to talk about that.

            So next step was to find the weirdest thing I could as a bucket list item on this thing. This one is on the popular page and 4.4 thousand people have it on their list.

            Are you ready?

            I’m not sure you are, but here it goes.

            “Draw funny faces on all the eggs in my fridge.

            Are you kidding me?

            This website is a joke.

            That is not a bucket list item. Like get yourself a sharpie and go to town. It’s so stupid and not even close to bucket list worthy.

            Finally, I searched Vermont and found that people really only like it for Ben & Jerry’s and the foliage. But my personal fave was this girl named Georgia Kennedy who thinks she went skiing in Vermont, CANADA.


            I’m so done with this website, and people, so see you guys in two weeks. In Canada. Which is apparently where we are.



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