Music I hate

This blog will be a response to music I have come to hate over the years.  You may even call it a second chance for these different genres of music.  It probably won’t change my mind, but hey, who knows?

 I find it interesting to talk about things we hate.  It does one of two things. First, it allows us to get it off our chest and second, it gives us a chance to shit on something for a brief period of time.  Both are relaxing and fun and I hope this blog will be a form of that.

Well, here we are again. I really had to get myself psyched up for this one. This specific genre has a weird history with me.  Even saying the words boy band, brings me back to so many different memories of growing up.

As a young kid in Jacksonville, Arkansas, I was a typical little brother.  I did what my older siblings did.  I played football like my brother T.J and I watched the show “Charmed” like my sister Lauren.  I even listened to the exact same music.

At the time, the radio was flooded with boy bands. N’SYNC and the Backstreet Boys were all you ever heard. Naturally, Lauren buys all their CD’s and it’s all of a sudden the only thing we listened to.  They thought it was cool and imitating them, so did I.

I’m even ashamed to say that I knew every word to these guy’s songs at the time. However, this was also a time where my hardest decision was what song I wanted to sing in the talent show; Drift Away by Uncle Kracker or Senorita by Justin Timberlake.

Not my brightest moment musically, but let’s compare this to now. T.J tends to force me to DD for him every now and then. 

At some point, T.J’s drunk self will want to hear “Bye, Bye, Bye,” at least once. This will inevitably cause me to turn off the radio, which in turn forces T.J to punch me because you don’t fuck with your brother’s radio.

The point is that this genre has caused me a lot of stress and I just can’t help but hate on it.

After I had been in Vermont for a couple years, I became semi-aware of bullshit music and I mean that in the most polite way possible.  Middle school dances were filled with classic rock, while the Jonas Brothers were everywhere.

I had an epiphany the day I saw them.  It was more of a thought that said, “Wow, these guys suck.”  This would then allow me to extend the range of my bullshit music detector. 

This detector has warded off the whole pop music scene thanks to these boy bands.  For that, I have to say thank you.

I only have one last question for the younger me.  How could you have let these guys fool you Aaron?


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