World’s most hated text

You know what really grinds my gears?


Throughout this semester, I will be writing a blog about things that bother me, along with my friends and even complete strangers.  I asked around about people’s biggest pet peeves and heard a variety of answers.  The answers ranged from people using hand dryers in public bathrooms to, people scraping their fork on their teeth after taking a bite of food.  I’m a pretty simple guy, but as I really thought about this blog it hit me(..) I really don’t like a lot of things.  



This week’s peeve is one that I know many people can relate to.  If you have ever been in a fight while texting a significant other, friend, parent, or really anyone, you have probably experience the one letter response that can take an argument from 0 to 100 real quick(..):




K is the only letter that can make someone mad, scared, curious, and stressed at the same time.  No matter the situation, it can still make one question themself(ves).


If you’re texting your girl or man and you get that text, you better figure out what you did wrong quick, because you definitely screwed up in one way or another.


It’s not just a thing between couples though. I personally hate when I’m texting my friends and send them a message and get just a “k” back.  Like really bro? At least throw an “O” in front of it, I mean I just took the time to send you a text, a little effort would be nice.


The worst part is now my mom will send me “K” in response and I think I’m in trouble with her too, when in reality she is trying to be hip by abbreviating her words.  I’m 21 years old and when she sends me “K” I still think a follow up message is coming saying “You’re grounded.”


The letter K has evolved into the ultimate tool to piss someone off at the click of a button.  

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