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I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the Castleton State College student community. This academic year started rather ominously.

Actually, it was a dreadful start to an otherwise happy and exciting time of the year for me and many community members.

As many of you know, I am on the runway of nighttime activity. I live on Main Street. Although the throngs of folks continue to beat a path under my windows – I learn a lot of “stuff” that way.

In the last several weeks, I have noticed more civil and polite engagements by students on Friday and Saturday nights. I know how much I appreciate that, as do my neighbors with whom I converse daily. I personally want to thank you for your kindness and consideration!

I feel very rooted in both Castleton communities. What I am most delighted about is seeing the cooperation, caring and concern for our communities by many of you who were embarrassed by the explosion of rude that seemed to be growing and accepted as a “college thing.”

I also want to give a big shout out to those who cleaned up a lot of the trash on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I met with many of them as I was filling my trash bag with the previous nights’ activities. They were equally as unhappy as I was about witnessing the scene before us.

It is no secret how I feel about you wonderful young people.  I am very vocal in my community to our townsfolk about how dedicated, applied and conscientious my students are. It’s important to me that you also see it in writing!!!

Again, I thank you!


Robert Wuagneux



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