Gotta use the front door

A sign on the back door of Wheeler Hall warns residents that they can't enter after 11 p.m.
Sarah Novenstern/Castleton Spartan

Drunk? High? Used to using the back door to sneak past the CA without being questioned? Well this year, the back doors to the residence halls are locked after 11, forcing students to face their CAs with hopes of getting to bed without getting in trouble after their nights out drinking and partying.

Emma Faucher, a CA in Babcock, likes the change because it provides her with a chance to make sure none of her residents are endangering themselves.

“I understand why students don’t like it. I’ve heard a lot of negative feedback from my past residents because I was in Adams last year. People just keep saying, ‘It’s stupid, it’s stupid, it’s stupid.’ Until I explain my side of it, ” Faucher said.

Not all of the reactions are negative though. Kassidi Goodell, a freshman doesn’t mind it.

“I don’t know, I guess it doesn’t make a difference to me because I don’t know any different. I’m a freshman so this is just how it is. No biggie, I’ll just walk around.”

Though just walking around campus, it’s easy to hear people complaining, but Area Coordinator Shaun Williams hasn’t heard any negative feedback from students.

“You always have to expect the worst, but so far I haven’t heard anything negative. It’s mostly for safety and monitoring the flow of traffic. If a student isn’t doing anything wrong, they shouldn’t mind. What would be the point in going in the back of Morrill if nothing suspicious was happening?” Williams said.

But sophomore Brit Moyna, who lives in Wheeler Hall, doesn’t like the change. She often comes from Hoff Hall and doesn’t want to have to walk around the building in the harsh winter.

Williams, however, said she probably should get used to it.

“This community is very safe and friendly, so I don’t expect any changes anytime soon. It’s a positive change for the safety of the students,” Williams said.


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